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Lior Rotem and Gil Segev

Out-of-Band Authentication in Group Messaging: Computational, Statistical, Optimal

Advances in Cryptology -- CRYPTO, 2018.


Additional Related Publications:

Moni Naor, Lior Rotem and Gil Segev

Out-of-Band Authenticated Group Key Exchange: From Strong Authentication to Immediate Key Delivery

Information-Theoretic Cryptography (ITC), 2020.

Moni Naor, Lior Rotem and Gil Segev

The Security of Lazy Users in Out-of-Band Authentication

Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC), 2018.
ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS), 2020.


Moni Naor, Gil Segev and Adam Smith

Tight Bounds for Unconditional Authentication Protocols in the Manual Channel and Shared Key Models

Advances Cryptology -- CRYPTO, 2006.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (special issue on Information-Theoretic Security), 2008.

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